Terms and Conditions

To ensure the quality of our services we like to ask the user to adhere to the following terms and conditions.
By using our webseite you agree to our terms of service and our privacy statement.
Please read our terms of service and the privacy statement carefully.

Terms of use

1. The user will only register once within the application.

The user agrees to register only with one email address.

2. Registration and sign-ups are expressions of interest

The user agrees that the registration merely expresses the user's interest in the posted offers. That is, neither the registration nor the sign-up for an item guaranties the use of the item's or other services offered by us. We reserve the right to withhold any service offered by us without providing a reason.

3. The user agrees to provide only truthful information.

4. The user agrees to the collection and the statistics of the user’s behavior.

We will collect user information to improve our services within the banto application. For example, we might collect how often a participant did not show up for an experiment.

5. The user is not allowed to remove, alter or redistribute the functionality of this application.

6. The user agrees to keep his account information confidential and does not allow other person(s) to use his/her account.

7. The user is not allowed to misuse the services.

The user is not allowed, for example, to post offensive information or to alter the normal application behavior.

8. The user is not allow to sell the information within this application to third parties.

No one is allowed to sell this information to third-parties. Neither will the application sell information to third-parties.

9. The user will adhere to local data security principles.

We reserve the right to limit, disable, delete, or lock the account or the services of the user without any prior notice and explanation in case of a violation of the Terms of Use by the user.
When we do not pursue a violation of the Terms of Use immediately, it does mean that we agree to the violation. We reserve the right to pursue the violation at a later time.